I am Tucson girl, I love to cook, garden, create things, fish, sing, paint, read and listen to music. I am a huge advocate of homesteading, survivalism, and self sufficient living. I am a rescue pet advocate and I have two children, a 14 year old and an 18 year old. I currently live in North Dakota. Please follow me and comment on my blog if you enjoy it!

This is my family.
This is my 14 year old Kamiel aka Miel Biel Ting, Tiny Ting, Peanut
Likes: Cooking, singing, giggling, Ipoding, cheerleading, taking Mom’s money, clothes shopping, and One Direction (rolling my eyes)..
Dislikes: Doing dishes or cleaning anything ever, manual labor, helping me garden, and flossing.

Kamiel Divine

Kamiel Divine

This is Forest Storm, aka Doodle, Doodle Bug, Foresto the Great
Likes : Video Games, frizzy hair, spaghetti, and chocolate.
Dislikes: Homework, cleaning, chores, and frizzy hair.

Forest making squash alfredo.

Forest making squash alfredo.

Cecil aka One Dumb Dog, Dummy, Dash, or Thunder.
Likes: Foot fetish, taking himself for walks, bell pepper, broccoli, fuzzy socks, mediating tickle fights.
Dislikes: Horses, loud noises, carrots, snow, robins, tractors, having toenails clipped.

Unsure about: Baths, his name, brushings, foot pettings
I found Cecil at my work, he had been abused badly, was extremely overweight, had no manners, and was pretty much an nightmare. I took him in, like I do, and we worked first on his trust issues, then his manners, then playing, then eating habits. Now he’s the best dog ever. I can’t remember or imagine not having him. He’s a sweet, smart boy. He is around 5 years old. We like to try to guess his former name. He likes the name Dash best.

Cecil aka "Thunder"

Cecil aka “Thunder”

This is my oldest pet, The Schmeard. aka Schmeardkins, aka, Schmeardkins Kincaid Lafferty, or Schmeardo the weirdo.
Likes: Wetfood, baths, heating pads, peeing on everything, rottisserie chicken and pork chops.
Dislikes: Waiting for wetfood, getting sprayed with the squirt gun for begging, being picked up when she’s comfy.
Unsure about: Me, Mike, Cecil, Newton, Zoe, Kamiel, Forest, and anyone else that comes in the house.

My sister found Schmeardkins in the ventilation system of her work, and with nowhere else to take her, guess where she landed? With me. She wasn’t weened and I bottle fed her until she discovered my pitbull Gaia’s nipples, who; even though she had never had babies, made milk for Schmeard and nursed her till she was full grown. For a while she thought she was a dog, Gaia was her momma. She has a snaggle tooth (a baby tooth that wasn’t pushed out but grew into the new tooth so it’s extra long)and because of this she has a lischp. “Scheschal! get your butt outta my faysch!” You can see it in the pic. She also had a bald spot on her tummy, that I like to kiss a lot. She secretly likes it.



This is Newton, aka Big Kitty, aka, Bigs, aka, Ladies Night, aka Noodle, aka Noodleo
Newton was living in a cat shelter just about a month old when we got him. We were walking around Petsmart one day, and there he was, all cute and demanding our attention. he has herpes in his right eye, with means his eye waters a lot, which makes it look like he’s crying. I peeked in and the cat in the crate above him and Newton (Austin at the time) stuck out his paw and clawed my tummy. He was going to be euthanized, so I convinced My hunney, and we rescued him. He grew into a huge mainecoon kitty and he’s very docile and sweet.
Likes: Stealing Schmeards wet food, Standing on Kerie’s pillow with cat litter feet, being nosey, clawing at doors, going in the closet and then clawing to be let out, eating bugs, Cecil, string, swinging from curtains, Schmeard, Zoe, his new scratching post.
Dislikes: Being harassed, cat baths, cat squeezings, the squirt gun
Unsure about: Zoe



This is Zoe, aka Zoebirda, aka Zoe Pretty Bird
Zoe (we think) is around 4 or 5, and in this time he has had about 6 owners. he was bratty when we first got him last year, but he is learning to trust us all. Zoe, is a total dork.
Likes: making kissy noises at himself in the mirror, beak grinding, showers, millet, talking and whistling, and popcorn.
Dislikes: Squeak toys, molting, pin feathers, pellet, his rubber octopus, wind.
Unsure about: Scraping noises, Newton, Schmeard, being outside
Says: “Hi Zoe”, “Hey Zoe”, “good Zoe”, “Zoe Pretty bird, Zoe pretty birdie birdie birdie birdie” “Hahahaha, that’s funny”



Then there’s Mike and I.
Likes: 4 wheeling, gardening, cooking, music, and much much more…
Dislike: Boredom, ignorance, Schmeard peeing on everything


I hope you enjoy my blog!


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