Where have I been???


I have not blogged in so long. I’ve been so busy moving, moving again, having a baby, moving again….

I am going to start blogging about making homemade baby food, massage, and whatever else comes to mind. If you are interested in my homemade baby food blogs, send me a message or give a like! My baby began eating baby food at 4 months, on order of his pediatrician. We started out small, but now he’s on to blends. If you think it will help you, let me know!!

I only breastfed him at first, but now he is also having organic formula in addition to nursing. but I only give him homemade food, because I don’t like all the processed baby food that’s out there.

It’s way more frugal to make your own, and some people need some inspiration for blends, and ideas for recipes. I have been really enjoying doing it and want to spread the love!!

Let me know!


AKA TheZenOptimist


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