So THAT’S where Robitussin comes from!

Great post from Little House on 17th Street

Little House on 17th Street

Last week I had a chance to get the bees buttoned up for the winter (read… finally got off my lazy duff and did something I should have done 3 months ago…) 

We had such beautiful weather through the months of October and November, the girls were still out flying, and doing their thing and to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t sure what I should do. They seemed pretty happy – so I was content to let them keep doing what they were doing. Then in a space of a couple weeks it got insanely cold, then rained, and I didn’t have a decent day to open it up for quite some time. 

The other problem was – I knew that they didn’t have enough honey put away for the winter, so feeding them was a necessity and I had no idea how I should do that. I didn’t like…

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