Spring Fevah

Is anyone else having Spring fevah?

Ready for grilling weather and hot nights?

Ready for Summer?

Ready for gardening?

I am about to start my garden indoors for March. I’m so excited I could pop!!

What do you anticipate for your garden this year?




10 responses to “Spring Fevah

  1. Oh gosh, the last one is a good question…I anticipate finally having cucumber and melon plants that aren’t infested with melon worms and pickle worms! We currently have them and it’s January! I’m scrapping and starting over. Ugh. Here’s to new beginnings in 2014!

    • Yeah! Did you try planting them in a different spot? Those worms know where to go back to.. I also use BT it’s for organic gardening, and it kills those worms, plus cabbage moths and lots of other stuff. It saved my broccoli last year!

  2. I’m going to see if I can incorporate more wildlife friendly shrubs and flowers into the garden this year now the veggie area is all up and running. I’d also like to see if I can grow squash as I’ve never tried growing that before and it’s got to be easier than trying to fend off a zillion caterpillars and butterflies from my cabbages! 🙂

  3. Way past ready for warm weather, but not going to get it. The weather forecast for next week is brutal. But still I’ve been doing some chores to get ready for early spring planting in about 6 weeks.

      • Once I started growing snap peas, my family never wanted regular peas again! Haha! How do You grow your radishes? And carrots? I grew mine last year in a pot together. I mixed the seeds in a bowl and planted them that way. The radishes come up first (of course) and make room for the carrots.They did really well. I am always ready to start my indoor garden before I can eer buy supplies for it!!

      • I succession plant radishes as long as they will grow, generally about 160 square feet of them (two of my larger beds) and still have trouble keeping up with the way my boyfriend snacks on radishes.

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