Jalapenos en Escabeche



I will be making this the for the next few days. A lot of people ask me for this recipe, so I am going to reblog it.

Jalapenos en escabeche is an acidic and spicy carrot, jalapeno, onion, garlic and oregano topping for anything from enchiladas to open-faced sandwiches.

I like to make escabeche out of Garden vegetable leftovers or leftover carrots and jalapenos in the fridge. Here's how I do it.

I never like to put specific amounts in anything, I just make it how I like it. Sometimes I use serranos, sometimes I put more carrot, it just depends on my mood, but I love this recipe because I can it, I always have some around.

You can adjust the amounts of whatever vegetable, but do not adjust the vinegar to water ratio. If it's wrong your escabeche will taste bland and also it won't can properly.


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2 responses to “Jalapenos en Escabeche

    • It is! AND once you have it, you will always crave it. (If you like spicy) Of course you could make it without the spice but it is really good on brats, hot sandwiches and that enchilada casserole recipe I posted. 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

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