Grilled Vegetable Quiche


Grilled Vegetable Quiche

6 eggs
1 cup heavy cream
1 cup mozzarella
1/4 cup Asiago or Parmesean
2 deep pie crusts (homemade or premade)
Leftover roasted veggies or veggies of your choice

Use 2 seperate wet measure Pyrex cups. In each one put 1/2 cup cream and 3 eggs, beat well. Chop all the veggies small, and put them into a bowl. Add salt, and pepper. I always add greek seasonig to mine, which you can buy pre-made, or make yourself. The recipe is at the bottom of the page. (I put it on EVERYTHING.)

Put half the veggies in one uncooked pie crust, and half in the other. Add half the mozzarella to one and 1/2 to the other on top of the veggies. Add the cream/eggs mixture (from one Pyrex cup) to fill the crust. Then add the other mixture to the other uncooked crust. Top with the asiago/parmesean mixture. Cook for 30 – 40 minutes at 350 – 375, or untill it’s no longer wet in the center or a toothpick comes out clean.
The quiche is a ittle brown on top because of the parm. 🙂

I like to use garden vegetables for this recipe. Leftover grilled vegetables are also good. In this quiche I used grilled veggies, (from leftover shish-kabobs) zucchini, garlic, grape tomatoes, red onion, red and green bell peppers. Other great ingredients are:
1: Beet greens with onion and cheddar
2: Spinach and tomato and bacon
3: Summer sausage and veggies
4: Artichoke hearts and onion and swiss

(You can half this recipe (of course) but I don’t recommend it because I could make 6 of these and they would still be gone in ten minutes.)

Greek seasoning
1 TBSP Pepper
1 TBSP sea salt
1/2 TBSP dried mint
1/2 TBSP lemon pepper
1 tsp unrefined sugar

Reallllly good on potatoes. 🙂


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