Grilled Walleye with Fried Shallot and Wild Rice


1 LB or more walleye fillets
Fresh lemon juice
lemon pepper
Tajin’ or other mexican chili seasoning

3 shallots sliced thin
your choice of frying oil

Grill walleye 3 minutes a side and season while on grill with seasonings and lemon juice.

In a heavy skillet, heat a 1/3 cup of oil on med-high, and add shallot slices. Cook for 5 minutes, less if they brown more quickly. Turn constantly, so not leave the pan unnattended. Shallots are disgusting if you burn them or they get past golden brown. They become very bitter!
They should be golden and that’s it. Remove them from the oil quickly, and salt them.

Top walleye with the shallot and serve with wild rice.

You can also poach the walleye, which is what we did in this picture, in a cast iron skillet.





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