Something is eating my cabbage…. + the culprit!

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I have checked and checked, and cannot find the culprit. I have no cabbage moths, or cabbage moth larvae. I have no slugs. There are no worms. If you recognize the eating pattern, please tell me. ANY insight is appreciated. It isn’t bad yet, but I really want to make sauerkraut and kimchi.

I planted garlic and chives in near and around them for pest control and have been putting sprigs or thyme, marjoram and mint inside to deter the pests. Any other ideas?

The culprit..



4 responses to “Something is eating my cabbage…. + the culprit!

  1. We’ve had something at our cabbages too, but only a little bit and the bites are old now. We’ve got netting over ours to make sure no cabbage white butterflies attack (it’s a fuss to lift it off to harvest the cabbages, but worth it), and you can try crushed egg shells, wood cinders/ash and salt to keep away slugs. Sounds like you only want natural pesticides, but if not there are other things out there.
    They’re lovely looking cabbages all the same!

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