Digital Leather via Minneapolis


I spent last weekend in Minneapolis to go see my friend’s band play. We all used to live in Arizona, but time has spread us across the US like knocked marbles. We miss him terribly. It had been waaaaaaay to long since we had hung out. We were only there for two days, but we had a blast. “In Minneapolis?” you say? Yes. It’s kind of cool, actually.

We had a whole day to tool around before the show, so we went exploring.

After a horrible room in Brooklyn park at the La Quinta we decided to treat ourselves and stay at the W, The Foshay building.  Seriously if you are ever in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, DO NOT stay at the La Quinta. YUCK!

We had several hours before we could check in, so the first place we went was Electric Fetus Records. This record store was pretty large in comparison to all the dingy 10 square foot record stores I had been to before. They have a great selection of new and old records, if you collect vinyl, you should check them out. The store part was pretty cool too.

On our way downtown to check in, we say about 20 food trucks lined up. We opted for Falafel King, for an extremely mediocre gyro.

Falafel King

Falafel King



Then we checked in.

The Lobby at The Foshay

The Lobby at The Foshay

We spent the night, ready for the boys to show up. After a long walk in downtown, we ate breakfast at The Lotus. We each had steamed dumplings and Phở. The steamed dumplings were the worst I have ever had. The Phở, on the other hand, was pretty good. This place comes recommended highly online, but when we got there, we were a little worried. It is next door to a gas station, and it is a bit…. dirty, inside. My soup was pretty delish, but I would not go back.

We walked around downtown for a bit and then headed back to our hotel to get ready for the show.
The martini bar was flirting with me. Tipsy olives? Mmmmmmm…
Where the magic happens..
Robes and a rainhead for the shower, along with nice citrus/sage soaps.
We went to O’Donovans Irish Pub, to have a pint and wait for the boys who were driving in from Iowa.
This is a pic of me doing some waiting.
Then the boys showed up. Tired and hungover. 🙂
After a drink, things got a little brighter.
From the left we have Johnny, Jeff, Ben, Todd, Foree (The main man of DL who we love dearly) and my hunney.
This is the club where they were playing.. Have you ever seen Purple Rain? If not, go watch it. It’s a friggin classic! Did you know Prince is from Minnesota? Well, he bought the club where they filmed Purple Rain. Now it is a local hot spot for bands.



The guys set up.




We all ate at the restaurant next door for dinnah.
My hunney and Ben and Foree.

Music happened.






Don’t make fun of my pictures. I may or may not have had a couple drinks, plus, I looked like a dork snapping flash pics at a punk rock show. 🙂
We left early, (by midnight) and the guys went home early the next morning.
Mike and I went out for more breakfast Phở .
We don’t have it where I live, and if you have ever had it before, you understand what I mean. You dream about it. You salivate. If I could’ve funneled it right into my gullet without exploding I would have.
This time we went to Phở Tau Bay.

This time we had spring rolls and Phở. And THIS time, it was freaking orgasmic. I wish I had discovered it sooner, I would have eaten there for my whole visit.

Chicken (Phở Ga) before seasonings

Chicken (Phở Ga) before seasonings

and after.

and after.

My hunney always gets the rare beef and brisket

My hunney always gets the rare beef and brisket

We went to see World War Z. It was awesome.

Then we drove back to North Dakota.

If you get a chance to visit Minneapolis, do it. It’s pretty rad, and there is always something going on. It is very different from North Dakota (which I was not expecting) and people there don’t talk like they do here, or on the movie Fargo. 🙂 Downtown has a pretty cool foodie scene, if you pick the right place!


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