Digital Leather


I will be leaving for Minnesota today, for the sole purpose of seeing my friend Shawn Foree in his band Digital Leather, open for Cursive. I have only a picture of him on here, because he has new band members. When I get back I shall have new pics of the full band for you, as well as some Pho posts, (of course). ALmost all of his stuff is available on vinyl, and it is INCREDIBLE. He is a brilliant musician and lyricist. You can’t know where he finds his constant muse, but it may be with his wife Rachael, who also has a blog, . (In this picture he is wearing a Tokyo Electron tee, which is another friend’s band, Ryan Rousseau.) If you get the chance, and you dig synth punk, check out his music. My favorite songs of his are Modern Castles, Styrofoam, Black Flower From the Future, anything off Infinite Sun (an incredible album) and anything off of Warm Brother.

I hope you guys will check it out and be prepared for when I come back to share. 🙂

Much love to you all!!!


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