Camping Colorado

I’ve been gone for a week to camp, fish, and four-wheel across Colorado. It was a much needed trip for my honey and I, since it seemed like winter would never end. Here it is mid June, and it just got warm..

On the way to Colorado, we decided to drive straight through. When we got to Boulder, Co. we were too hungry and had to stop for some Phở. In Tucson, where I was born and raised, there are versatile food choices everywhere, with no ethnicity left behind. Where I currently live, lets just say that “diverse food choices” are limited. There are no Phở joints in North Dakota and only a nail tech here could tell you what it is. If you have never had it, please let me enlighten you.
Phở is a Vietnamese soup, made with divine broth that is almost impossible to decipher, but is sweet, salty, tangy, and herbacous. The broth is the star of the show in this soup for sure. You can get various forms of it, oxtail, tendon, rare beef, brisket, chicken, tofu, meatball… It comes with tiny vermicelli like noodles in the broth, along with your choice of meat, herbs, (usually cilantro, green onion and basil)It comes with a side plate of limes, crunchy bean sprouts, two huge sprigs of basil, jalapenos, I usually get tofu veggie, my honey usually gets the rare beef. We stopped at Phở Basil, in Boulder. It was TERRIBLE! What a jip, right? Yeah, don’t ever go there. We did end up having AMAZING Phở on our way back, at Phở Golden, in Golden Colorado. It was divine!




We started in Carbondale, Colorado, where we used to live before moving to ND.

View of Mt. Sopris from Carbondale

View of Mt. Sopris from Carbondale

Then to Basalt, Colorado to suprise a friend and see a car show.

Then to Marble, on on our way to Overland Resevoir.

015[caption id="attachment_384" align="alignnone" width="300"]Coke ovens in Marble, CO. Coke ovens in Marble, CO.

Then we went to Overland Resevoir, where we never catch any fish, but the views are incredible.

Wildflowers on the way to Overland Resevoir

Wildflowers on the way to Overland Resevoir[/caption
029[caption id="attachment_391" align="alignnone" width="300"]Overland Res. Overland Res.


Dinner at the campsite..

After camping we went to Orvis Hot Springs, for a shower and a soak.
I am an avid “hot potter”, and this hot spring doesn’t look like much from the outside, but inside it’s Eden. You have the choice of a private room with a private tub, or you can go outside to the clothing optional area, and sit in whichever pool is closer to your heat needs. Some are very hot, some are warm, and some are just right.. You cannot take pictures inside because it is clothing optional, so I just posted the link. If you like hot springs, check out the Avalanche Ranch hot springs too, or Glenwood Springs hot springs.

Then we took The General up Imogene Pass. We didn’t get to to go all the way to the top, because it wasn’t open. There was still too much snow. 😦

Imogene Pass Road

Imogene Pass Road

Mining ruins on Imogene

Mining ruins on Imogene

Creek Crossing!! :)

Creek Crossing!! 🙂


We camped at Alta Lakes near Telluride for a night.

Alta Lakes 11,000 feet

Alta Lakes 11,000 feet


The next day we four-wheeled up Ophir Pass.


View from the road on Ophir Pass

View from the road on Ophir Pass

That's me in the passenger seat. Do I look terrified?

That’s me in the passenger seat. Do I look terrified?

The summit at Ophir

The summit at Ophir

After this, we drove back through Marble, and spent the night at Avalanche Creek Campground. This is one of my favorite hiking trails in Colorado. 🙂

We wanted to camp at Granby Lake, at Stillwater campground, but when we got there, there were NO trees. All the trees had been removed due to beetle kill. So the campground host at Stillwater told us to go to Willow Lake, where there is a nice camground, (concrete camping, but at this point we were so tired from dirving we didn’t care)and we would be sure to catch fish in the lake. So we went down the road a bit to the cmpground, where the campground hosts were the nicest people we could have hoped for. We stayed the night.

The mountains are all grey in northern Colorado from beetle kill pine.

The mountains are all grey in northern Colorado from beetle kill pine.

Campfire fun

Campfire fun





:) Squirrel chasing

🙂 Squirrel chasing

That morning we packed up, and drove home. It was a long trip and camping is hard work, but it was worth it. We got our mountain fix, our four-wheeling fix, and our hot springs fix. No, we didn’t catch one single fish. 🙂

Maybe next time.

Going home.

Going home.


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