This Welcoming Blogging Community


I would love to take a minute to express my thanks to everyone in this blogging community. You all are a great bunch.

In this day in age, it seems everyone feels anonymous online, and so feels the need to be verbally abusive without repercussions. I have never experienced that here. Everyone has been so nice to me, being that I am a new member to the community and to blogging, I really appreciate it. I’m not the Pioneer Woman. I’m no professional photographer, I’m not Juia Childs.
Ok I am PART Juilia Childs, lets be honest. (aren’t we all?)
We are all a part of the cool kids club around here. πŸ™‚

Thank you all! I feel so welcomed. ❀

Thanks again!


8 responses to “This Welcoming Blogging Community

  1. LOVE this post and I totally agree with you. I have also never encountered any mean spirits on here and I am VERY THANKFUL for that. Can’t wait to see more from you and keep up the good work!

  2. Hi just browsed your blog, lots of good stuff going on here. I especially like this post and totally agree with you. The WordPress community are a great bunch!

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