Fishing, and A Day In The Sun

It finally stopped raining a bit for the beginnning of Memorial Day weekend, so we decided to go fishing.
Anyone who knows me will tell you North Dakota is not my favorite place. However, it is a choice place to fish when the weather is right. In spring and summer snow melt and heavy (sometimes violent) storms saturate the ground, and North Dakota goes from Planet Hoth, to this beautiful buggy, birdy, salamandery, lush green playground.

On Lake Audubon

On Lake Audubon


Where I live, we are very close to Lake Sakakawea, as well as Lake Audubon. It’s a great place to live if you like fishing. I haven’t tried my hand at ice fishing, mostly because I am too chicken to get out on the ice. 🙂
I am an old fashioned rod and reel angler, not because I hate fly fishing, but because I just haven’t learned yet.
Anyhow, here’s how the day went. Cecil came along for some ear flapping, lip flapping window sniffing.

Cecil had a good time chasing some waves.

Cecil had a good time chasing some waves.


Then Mike caught the one and only fish of the day.

Crap.. I mean CARP :) Crap.. I mean CARP 🙂

Even though we didn’t catch anything, the mud and the sun and the water made it worth it. It took us 3 days to get all the mud off 😛



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