Raised Garden Beds (Made from prefab kits)


For the past two days, I have been helping one of my closest friends build her raised garden beds, and teach her how to companion plant. At first we were trying to build raised beds similar to mine, made from 2×12 16′ boards, but as I have said before living in North Dakota, it is sometimes hard to find things (I live in a very small town) without having to really drive for it. So at our lumber yard in town, we found some cedar, prefabricated raised garden bed kits. Holy Hannah, these things are awesome! She bought the ones made from cedar, but you can also buy The “Greenland Gardener Raised Garden Kit” (that is made from a composite material that saves 16 pounds of plastic and wood from landfills per bed) at your big box garden store.

The Framework
These beds were exceptionally easy to put together, you just slide the boards into the corners.

Just getting started..

Just getting started..


Next, put cedar chips on top of the grass, to help with drainage, keep out weeds and bugs and to fill some of the space in the beds so we wouldn't have to use so much soil. Most of the beds we made didn't need to be super deep.
On top of the cedar chips we stapled landscaping fabric, so that the cedar chips would not mix into the soil.


Then we went on mixing and mixing and mixing and pouring in soil and mixing. It seems like it would only take a few minutes but were out there for several hours working. Her dog, Tubby, found a nice shady spot to sit and supervise.


We decided that we didn’t like our inital setup, so we changed them around a little bit. They were super easy to work with. Then we filled all the beds with soil. Each 2×2 bed has 1 bag of peat moss, 3 potting soil, 2 manure, 2 top soil, and she thre in a big bag or MG garden soil.


In this pic you can see how easy the boards go together.

In this pic you can see how easy the boards go together.

We finally got started planted a day later. We planted cucmbers, roma tomatoes, walla walla onions, red candy apple onions, jalapenoes, and bell peppers, all from starts.


We will plant seeds when it stops raining out, and at that time I will post more about companion planting then. She is also planting her corn the Arikara way, a method passed down from her mother. I will detail that method, and post pics as well. For now, I have to go tend my own garden, because the sun is peeking out a bit. Here is a link to learn a little about the Arikara.


Much Love!!!


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