Pico De Gallo


It’s summer in Tucson, so I find myself feeling nostalgic for real mexican food, monsoons, and barbequeing with old friends. So I’m making a quick salsa, pico de gallo.

Pico de gallo, (peeko – day – guy- o) is a fresh uncooked salsa, with few ingredients. It is fresh and delicious and reminds me of my summertime carna asada tacos and michelads. I’ve been making this for years, and it never lasts very long in my kitchen, so I make a huge batch everytime. Sometimes I put a little garlic or olive oil (Not a traditional ingredient) just to round it out, sometimes I don’t. It just depends how you like it. Try to use organic ingredients whenever you can. No one wants to eat genetically altered pesticide juice. Unfortunately I live in North Dakota, where it can be hard to find organic ingredients (or decent produce), this is one of the many reasons why I garden.

Before we start, let me lecture you a little on tomatoes, in case you don’t know, don’t care or in case you are the kinda person that puts your tomatoes in the refrigerator. When you pick tomatoes at the grocery store, they are not ripe. *gasp*
Yea, that’s right, they are flavorless, unripe tomatoes that are gassed on the way to your store so they can ripen on the shelf. They don’t ship ripe tomatoes, because tomatoes are delicate, and we are a massed produced food eating nation. It’s disgusting. If you can’t get garden tomatoes, from your garden or someoen elses, buy organic tomatoes, or tomatoes on the vine. They should smell kind of piney. Smell the vine first, then the tomato. Sure, you could pick a regular old roma or beefsteak from your grocery store, but it is the difference between your pico tasting like summer, and it tasting like.. Well, onion and cilantro. Put a little love in your food. Garden tomatoes should never go in the fridge. They lose all their flavor.
Ok, enough about that.

Pico De Gallo

2 onions (white, sweet or red, whatever you prefer)
8 tomatoes
4 jalapenos
4 TBSP cilantro
2 TBSP garlic
Juice from 2 limes, or more, I use 4.
1 TBSP pepper
2 TBSP salt
1 or 2 TBSP Light extra virgin olive oil

Just chop everything, (I like to chop it very small) and then mix in the lime juice and the olive oil. Taste it with a chip or two, or seven, and add more or less seasoning to taste.

No one I know uses olive oil, but I’m telling you it just gives it a little bit extra, and makes it delicious. (My mother-in law taught me that trick)

Please let me know if you like it!

Much Love


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