Urban gardening or what I like to call “Renter’s gardening” ;)

Just because you rent, or live in a tiny compact area, doesn’t mean you can’t have an flourishing garden. Urban gardening is the new hotness!


Try making an upside down tomato planter with an old 5 gallon bucket, or planting potatoes and carrots in containers.
I do it!
I also read an article in the Farmers Almanac Gardening Guide about making a straw bale garden. I am totally gonna try this!
You want to use a small square straw bale, and rinse it for several days to make sure it it wet, because they dry out quickly. Then for 3 days, you fertilize it with a half a cup of high nitrogen fertilizer (I don’t like high nitrogen fertilizer, but use whatevah you like..) then the following 3 days, you reduce it to a quarter cup. Then water for four more days, and then plant your seeds directly in the straw, cover with a little compost, although it isn’t required. Then make sure to water it everyday, and fertlilize every week.

This is my pallet garden, or my “lettuce garden”. I have spinach on the bottom row, kale and kohl rabi on the second, bibb lettuce on the third, mustard greens on the fourth, cauliflower on the fifth, broccoli on the sixth, and sage, thyme, basil and mjoram on the top row. I got this non-treated pallet last year, but went ahead and watered it almost everyday, plus allowed it to be covered in rain and snow to make sure and leech out anything that may be in it. This year I washed it and planted in it. I love it!
ps – Eeryone tells you pallet gardens are a great idea, and they are… But man are they heavy!!

My pallet garden, once everything comes in a little to tighten the soil, I will set the pallet upright and have room for some cucumbers in this area of my yard.

My pallet garden, once everything comes in a little to tighten the soil, I will set the pallet upright and have room for some cucumbers in this area of my yard.

This is my radish/carrot container. I haven’t thinned it yet. If you plant them together, the radishes come up first, and this makes room for the carrots to get a little bigger. Last year I grew my potatoes in here.
Next door to it there is my daughter’s avocado seed. I think she planted it upside down, but she says she didn’t. *shrug*

Radish sprouts :)

Radish sprouts 🙂

This is my herb garden, majoram, basil, lavender. My basil was hit with some frost, because we live in ND, and it frosted the night I planted it. I think he will be ok. I also have basil in three other pots.


Just from these four containers I really upped my garden space. Try it!

Much love to you!


5 responses to “Urban gardening or what I like to call “Renter’s gardening” ;)

  1. Yes, please write more on urban gardening. I’m in a small college town next to a small city, and we’re surrounded by farmland. I don’t have a backyard (just a small concrete patio), so I signed up for my neighborhood community garden. I love the city, but I also love the country. I can’t decide which one I like better! I guess I need a little of both and would love to live in a location where I could have easy access to both. Maybe live in the country with access to the city. I would love to buy a small farm, and have my mom and dad to live with me for their retirement (they garden like crazy).

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